Frequently Asked Questions

Selling FAQs

Are you the agent who will be selling our home?

No, I will research and interview the best local agents and make a recommendation on which agent has the best credentials to represent you. I will then manage and hold that agent accountable throughout the whole campaign, making sure he keeps his promises and achieves the best possible price for you. My job is to do all the time consuming research, make it a stress free process, manage the agent and get you the best price possible.

How much experience do you have?

I have been a fully licensed real estate agent for over 23 years with extensive training in all facets of the industry. Personally, I have been involved in over 4,000 property negotiations during this period.

If I know a local agent I like, can we use them?

Of course, but I would still do all the research on other local agents and provide you with a recommendation. In the end, you will make the final decision and then I will manage them.

Why wouldn’t I just use a local agent and do it myself?

You can definitely do this but do you have the time and knowledge to make sure you are selecting the correct agent, the best method of sale and not wasting money on non-essential marketing? Then you will need to manage the agent through the whole campaign and hope he negotiates hard for you. We are a FREE service with over 20 years experience and 4,000+ successful property negotiations. Why would you risk doing it yourself?

How do you get paid if it’s a free service?

We act as a vendor advocate & take a percentage of the agents fee. Advocates have been around for years and are a part of the real estate industry. We present the agent with the opportunity and work with you & them though the whole campaign so they are happy to work with us.

What areas do you service?

We help emergency service workers and their families right across Victoria.

How do you donate back to our charities?

We donate 10.00% of the total agents fee back to your nominated industry charity. This amount is paid out of Emergency Services Property Advisors share of the fee, not the real estate agents share of the fee.

What do I need to do if we use you?

The main thing you need to do is concentrate on presenting your home at it’s best. I’ll take care of everything else. The only other thing you will need to do is make decisions on our recommendations to you.

Who will present the offers to me and make the final decision?

We will present the offers to you. This stops an agent putting pressure on you to sell before he has exhausted the negotiation process. We will make recommendations on when we think you have achieved the best possible price but you will always make the final decision.

Buying FAQs

How do you help me buy?

We can help you in several ways when you are buying from doing research on price for you, bidding at auction on your behalf, helping you negotiate with the agent, referring you to trusted finance brokers for loan approval and recommending legal representatives to you.


Do you charge us a fee to help us buy?

No, this is a free service to you.


How do you get paid when helping us buy?

We don’t earn any money when helping a member buy. This is just part of the service we happily provide.

Can you advise me on buying an investment property?

Yes, we can definitely help you when looking to buy an investment. From doing research on an area and specific property, to assisting in the price negotiation. It is no different from helping a member buy a home to live in.

What is the best advice you can give me when buying?

The first thing I would recommend is you read the eight recommendations in the Helping You Buy section on the website. Once you have done that call me to discuss if needed.

What areas can you help me buy in?

We can assist you buy anywhere in Victoria.