We help you sell for the maximum price, with minimum stress.

Emergency Services Property Advisors have six pillars that we religiously follow to guarantee a risk-free, stress-free campaign with the maximum price achieved. We have refined and developed our system over the last 20 years with over 4,000 property negotiations, so we know that our system works.

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The six pillars to selling your home.

Emergency Services Property Advisors have six pillars that we religiously follow to guarantee a risk-free & stress-free campaign with the maximum price achieved. We have refined and developed our system over the last 20 years with over 4,000 property negotiations, so we know that our system works.

Extensive research on price and agent

As they say you only know what you know, most people will only conduct two or three property transactions in their lifetime. In most cases these will be the largest financial transactions they make, and most will go into it with very limited experience or understanding of what is required and how the industry really works.

We will extensively research recent sales in the area that are comparable to your home based on size, condition, location and any other similar features. This will provide you with all the facts required to make an educated decision on whether the market value is in line with your expectations.

We will then research the best local agents based on their historical results, recent sales of similar homes in the area, knowledge of the area, average days to sell, preferred method of sale and reputation.

This research is critical in providing you with the best information to make an informed decision & can mean the difference of tens of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket as well as a stress-free and risk-free campaign.

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Agent selection

Agent selection is one of the most critical criteria in not only achieving the highest price but having a stress-free & risk-free campaign. Far too many people select an agent based on how much the agent tells them they can achieve or how low a fee the agent charges. An agent that tells you a high price to buy your listing is not only unprofessional & dishonest, they will cause you no end of stress and an extended campaign that will probably see you sell below market value in the end. The same with a cheap agent, they are cheap for a reason, either they are inexperienced, or they achieve poor results meaning they must be cheap for anyone to employ them.

The aim is to identify the agent that will give you the most money in your hand after costs and a stress-free selling experience in a reasonable timeline.
Once we have conducted our research, Emergency Services Property Advisors will then interview the best local agents as well as conducting reference checks on them through previous clients.
We have a proven and structured interview method that will show us who is the most suitable local agent to sell your home based on sales results, how they negotiate on your behalf, effective marketing, preferred method of sale and customer service.

Once we have interviewed the best local agents, we will make a recommendation to you on who we believe is the best performing agent for your home.

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Eliminating wasted costs

There are generally four costs associated when selling a home. The agents professional fee, marketing, preparing and presenting the home and legal fees. We will negotiate a fair professional fee with the agent on your behalf.

Far too many agents convince home sellers to invest ridiculous amounts of money in marketing. They tell the seller that all this marketing is required to achieve a sale when they are really using the seller’s money to promote their company & themselves. We know what marketing works and will attract buyers to your home, we will carefully review the agents recommended campaign and eliminate all non-required items. In most cases this will save you thousands of dollars.

The preparation and presentation of your home will vary in cost depending on its current condition. We will advise you and prioritise the most important works required to maximise price. Quite often home sellers spend money on non-essential works that will have no impact on what a buyer will offer. We will only recommend investing in works that will give you a return on your investment.

You will need a legal representative to prepare the contract of sale and vendor statement for the sale. We will recommend competent & price competitive options to you if you do not already have a preferred legal representative.

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Keeping it stress & risk free

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful things you will experience and in most cases this is avoidable. It becomes stressful when the agent has no planning or structure in how they manage the campaign, the agent is a poor communicator, or the campaign drags on for an extended period of time with few offers or low offers.

The reality is selling your home is not fun, but it can be a great experience in hindsight if conducted correctly. We will make sure that you have a structured campaign in place prior to going to market where we are aligned with the agent on when things are going to happen and there are no nasty surprises. We will hold the agent accountable to the service he has agreed to provide, so you know exactly what is always happening.

We have conducted extensive research on the area, price and employing the best local agent to work with in the sale. By doing all this work prior to going to market & following our pillars we have eliminated all the controllable risks in selling your home.

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Getting you the highest price

You have done all the hard work, you are on the market and inspections are underway and now the offers start coming in, so when do we know when to sell?
By working alongside the best agent who is a proven negotiator we are in good hands. Remember, part of the interview process was making the agent show us how he negotiates a sale. Emergency Services Property Advisors uses a three-phase system when working with the agent to ensure every dollar is extracted from the buyer.

When offers are received we will act as a buffer between you and the agent to ensure you never feel under pressure to accept an offer. We will present the offers to you with all the facts for you to make the final decision.

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Helping you through to settlement

Once you have sold we will guide you through to settlement and make sure all the important dates in the contract such as when the deposit is due, any special conditions on the contract are met and the what is required for settlement day.

Moving home is stressful but we will do our best to alleviate some of the stressful experiences through planning and guiding you through it.

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